SweatNGlow on Necker Island

Our founder Petra Starke had the privilege & honor to teach SNG-60 on Necker Island to its residents & guests. Sir Richard Branson was her gracious host giving her the rare opportunity to experience true Necker life – tennis, kite surfing, SUP, wake boarding, chess, great conversations, spa treatments and meals. Petra fell in love with Necker’s wild life & nature varying from flamingos, lemurs, parrots, turtles, Tofu and more. She was lucky enough to stay in the gorgeous Master Suite of the Great House, which is the former home of the Bransons. In fact, not many know that Hurricane Irma hit Necker just one hour after Richard got out of his hot tub outside the Master Suite. Petra was so inspired by her visit and recommends reading Richard’s book “Finding My Virginity”.This book is giving her a new perspective on creating SweatNGlow as a global brand and the necessary disruption and innovation she brings to the hot yoga market.